Monday, 28 March 2011

Robert Pattinson on private life!!! Hottest vampire on earth!!!

We hope you're sitting down, ladies. Because Robert Pattinson talks about sex in the latest issue of Italy's Style Magazine. Oh yes.

Asked if he always got along well with the opposite gender, the actor - who is in the middle of a massive PR campaign on behalf of Water for Elephants - said: "I hate the lack of prudishness, I get bored when people are ostentatious of their body. Sex and feeling for me walk side-by-side.

With such a refreshing attitude, Robert obviously didn't go into detail about his life between the sheets with Kristen Stewart. He was adamant that is never will, in fact, saying:
"My private life is off-limit. I've never spoken about my flirts, I'm not a man for short and superficial love affairs... I don't talk about my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress I admire because she's a real person, and a real actress."
Elsewhere in the interview, Pattinson touches on a director he admires, his idol and more...
On David Fincher: My favorite movie last year was The Social Network and one day I’d like to work with Fincher. Everything he does is interesting, and he got the best out of an actor I really admire, Jesse Eisenberg.
On his idol: Jack Nicholson. He had a huge career and he always owned his characters. Whereas, in the end, for a lot of people, I am just Edward the vampire and in my life I’m just Robert. We share the same hairstyle. But when I read an entire article about my hair, I laugh my best British laugh.
On his style: I like dressing Calvin Klein, English shoes, T-shirts and comfortable jeans. I’ve always been influenced by James Dean’s look.

Why Robert Pattinson hates his Twilight contact lenses???

 In a new interview, Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson says that he hates the contact lenses that he has to wear while filming as his vampire character Edward Cullen!

He said, “I actually want to get some kind of plastic explosive. I want to reanimate them into something so I can kill them. It’s so embarrassing for me — after so many years, it’s still a process every single morning. Everybody else has figured out how to do it, and there’s two people holding me down because I can’t do it myself.”
We’re still hoping for pictures of his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart as a vampire to get leaked! I’ve got to know what she looks like as a vampire! Aren’t you curious???

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