Saturday, 5 March 2011

Prince VAALI

A superhero character is getting ready to enthral the Indian audiences very soon. The concept, story, screenplay, movement and production would be just unimaginable and it would bring the dreams of Indian audiences to come true at international level.
Let us mention here that several films superhero characters had come up in the Hollywood and also in Bollywood like Mr India, Koi Mil Gaya, Krish and the latest coming up is Ra-One with Sharukh Khan as hero.
However, this film will not have any such foreign super hero characters.  The film is being made with the title ‘Prince Vaali’. A special logo was designed for the film which has the resemblance of Lord Hanuman. Such a logo was never seen or heard in the Indian film industry and no hero had such logo of his own on the lines of Superman.
A group of prospective entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley are producing the film on the banner of ‘Jaya Hind Talkies’.
The story and screenplay for the film is being provided by a young and dynamic director Vishnu Tanay. One more thing to be reminded here that the name of Vali is well- known among the Indians, who were well-versed with Hindu mythological book Ramayana. As per Ramayana, Vaali is a monkey, who forces the all-powerful Lord Rama to attack him by hiding behind a tree.
The characterisation of the super hero would be on those lines. As per the director, a total of five sequels would follow ‘Prince Vaali’. A handsome and tall youth, Shiva Thejus is making his debut in the super hero’s role. The director is planning to make use of high technical values for the superheroes’ films of Hollywood.
A Hollywood team is already working for the movie as part of pre-production works. The film would be made in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Spanish languages and different heroes would play the lead role in the film from respective languages. At the same time, several popular artistes would be selected to play the other roles in this high-budget movie.
The director says, ‘There are massive fights and we are using robots for the purpose and the action scenes would be on par with films like ‘Transformers’. We titled the leader of the robot army as ‘9HEX9’. We got life-size robots to suit the nativity.’
Another special attraction of the film is that the costumes being used for this film are the costliest costumes than any other film of Indian origin. The costumes wore by Sharukh Khan for Ra-One film which were popular as G-1 costume was made with Rs 1 crore.
However, in this film, Shiva Thejus, the hero of Prince vaali is wearing most expensive super hero costume in the history of Indian cinema. So it is not Sharukh Khan, who is wearing the most expensive costume any more. This simple point reveals how big the total budget of the film is. Popular heroes of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi film industries are unveiling the costumes very soon.

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