Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Movie-Ragini MMS video!!! first look

The First Impression: Ekta Kapoor mentioned two key terms about the movie – Paranormal Activity and MMS Video. When I first heard about these terms, the first thing that hit my mind was the movie “Paranormal Activity” and then the “The Blair Witch Project“. Is Ekta Kapoor trying to create a re-make of either one of these movies or is she simply trying to blend the two in the new “Ragini MMS”? Well, only time can tell.

The Next Impression: If Ekta Kapoor is trying to create something similar to The Blair Witch Project, then the promotion in today’s episode of Big Boss missed the spice. But of course, we don’t really know what she is up to yet. Again, only time can tell.

So, what actually is Ragini MMS all about. So far, we know nothing. But as Ekta Kapoor said today, the mms is something to do with a couple, who encountered some sort of paranormal activity in an mms video they created. Is it something like the Paranormal Activity? We hope, we will soon find it out.

Based on true incidents, Ekta Kapoor’s paranormal-sensuous film Ragini MMS is about an MMS that captures things beyond the realm of human understanding. As per Ekta, fifty percent of the film is real. So, let’s unlock the fear!

The movie Ragini MMS revolves around a young couple who enter a house to spend a romantic weekend vacation. However, the couple is not aware of the fact that the house has cameras that will capture every private moment that they share inside the house. And as the movie’s tagline says, “They don't know it yet. It’s a Threesome.” So there is something else too in the recorded love-making scenes of the couple.

Ekta while talking to a daily said that she would not like to reveal the identity of the person on whose experience the movie is made, and will neither tell where it happened. But the makers were in touch with this girl and got her approval for the script. Ekta wanted to give this movie the treatment of American movies and it seems she has succeeded. Is it Bollywood’s answer to Hollywood film Paranormal Activity?

Alt Entertainment, the production house behind Bollywood’s hit film Love Sex Aur Dhokha, is co-producing Ragini MMS. The movie stars actor Raj Kumar Yadav of LSD fame and actress Kainaz Motivala who was seen as Taniya in Wake Up Sid. The movie is all set to hit the theaters on May 13, that is Friday. 

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