Friday, 22 April 2011

Yuvraj's girl goes topless!!!

Akshara Gowda, who is in news for her closeness with Yuvraj Singh, seems to have quite a colourful history that she is desperately trying to delete. BT has unearthed exclusive stills of her from her debut film Chitkabrey. As the film is nearing release, she has gone underground. The producer, Sunnet Arora, has been trying her number for over a month now but she has hasn't reverted event though she is contractually bound to promote the film.

Sunnet says, "We don't know what has happened to her. When she agreed to do the film, she knew what she had to do on camera and she did it willingly. Why make such a drama before the film's release? When I met her, she was a bubbly, fun-loving girl who was totally confident about her body. In the fourth round of auditions, she was asked to show emotions for a love making scene and she had no issues going topless for half an hour for the shot. Her boldness got her the role. During the love making scene, she insisted on taking off her clothes to look real and gave fantastic expressions. But now she has disappeared."

The producer is aware of her fondness for Yuvi. "I think they met when IPL happened in South Africa. We used to never believe that she was in touch with him, so she told Yuvi to click his pic and send it to her, which he did. We thought it's great if she has such a person in her company, and that we would invite him to our film's premiere," Sunnet says.

Akshara was staying with her producer for some time. "She was staying at my place. When she came to Mumbai, she knew no one. I was in Canada so I could give her my house but when I came back, she stayed with me for a week before moving out and getting a place for herself," he adds.

It is learnt that Akshara has been trying for a while to get close to a cricketer. She told her room-mates that she wants to hook up with MS Dhoni. Perhaps that didn't work out as planned, and she ended up becoming close to Yuvi. Akshara denies the story saying, "I have not done any bold shots. The makers told me the film will be only for festivals."

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