Sunday, 24 April 2011

Prabhudeva ditched Nayan!!!

Prabhu Deva had a special dinner and a stay along with Hansika in a Hyderabad hotel got leaked out helping to bread his affairs with Nayan.
Prabhu Deva, who was in love with his team dancer Ramalath, married her and the couple had 3 children, while the eldest son died due to cancer.
By that time Prabhu Deva was in great sorrow, there came Nayanthara to help him come out of all of his sorrows.  This guy preferred to stay along with Nayan, dropping his wife and children... and forgetting all about his eldest son.

Then he was gossiped along with many while he was in relation with Nayan.  He managed to continue his relationship with Nayanthara as there was No solid evidence came out about his other affairs.
Now, his new affair with Hansika Motwani (Moththu-vaangu-nee) got picked up by taking her for shopping and then for dinner and now staying in the same room along with her.
This news, with solid evidence has reached Nayan, making her angry.  Both Nayan and Prabhu Deva were found engaged in heated arguments in a hotel recently.

Meanwhile Hansika says "I am just 19 years old while Prabhu Deva is a very senior person.  Why should I need a old person for me while I can get young men matching my age..."
When this reporter showed her videographic and photo evidence, Hansika was found shutting her mouth and leaving the place like a cat!!!

Actress beware of Prabhudeva!!!

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