Friday, 29 April 2011

Ajith is real thala...Why!!!

It has been an unceasing request from Thala to his fans on not to misuse his name and identity for the sake of their personal interests. This is not a decision taken just on the spur of moment, but our ‘Thala’ has been patiently discussing this issue with his close associates, family members and friends.
The closer sources reveal that it was before three months that ‘Thala’ started thinking over this plan. During the political election phase, some of the members of fans club from various parts of Tamil Nadu got themselves engaged in the corruption as they supported some political parties getting money and used ‘Ajith Fans Club’ brand during recent Tamil nadu elections.
As the issue reached the office of Ajith Kumar, he was shocked and quite disappointed with the fans for he has been ardently requesting them on not to misuse his name.
Now he has decided to connect with his diehard followers through an official website. The plans are going on and this will enable them to get connected with their ‘Thala’ without any interruptions.
But for us as Ajith fans, it is a real shame that some of the members have been a spoiler and disappointed him.

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