Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What,why & Who is DADA!!!

Yes, I hate Ganguly, not just because he is arrogant, not because he is a loudmouth r for the fact that he walks an inch off the ground. My reasons are way above that, to begin with I hate him because he didn’t let the Indian cricketing world stay the way it was. He turned a mellow team into a monster, a team with a genius dependent complex into a halfway self assured team, a sporting loser into a raging tiger.

I hate Ganguly, because he virtually ran through the opposition on Canadian land and gave us the hope that there is someone beyond Sachin who can win matches for us, but reality being he became an anti hero for the people.

I hate Ganguly for the fact that he gave youngsters the belief that they could fill the big gaps that would be left by the seniors in Indian cricket, I hate him that he backed all the wrong players in the process, yes some turned to be good. But what the hell, I hate him for every experiment he dared and went wrong.

I hate Ganguly, because he earned the respect of players wide enough to call him Dada, but failed to gain the belief of a major chunk of his countrymen who compared his feats to that of a God and called him just a mortal. I hate him for not letting the folks know he didn’t give a damn about being called God. He should’ve told them I’m an ordinary guy with more guts than talent, just call me dada, which would do. I hate you, because you showed flashes of brilliance that made the team realize that yes,maybe even mortals can win a match.
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I hate Ganguly because he tried to bring foreign imports into India and changed the way that Indian cricketers played. I hate the way that he insulted his coach, it doesn’t matter that the coach was driving a stake through the team. I hate him for speaking his mind out and took on the venerable administrators of the BCCI. I hate him for no more reason than the fact that he considered just winning matches and lashing out at the media would be sufficient.

I hate Ganguly for disrespecting the ground on which he scored a maiden century by taking his shirt off, how dare he do that? How can he pump his arms in the air for winning just a trophy when Kapil just grinned holding the World cup on the same corridor? He shamed us all Indians; maybe because he played out the vicarious aggression in us, something we just believe wasn’t right.

I hate Ganguly, because he scored 11k ODI runs, seemingly without talent or any “difference” from a guy on the street, I hate him for taking us to the world cup with utterly no effort from his side, I hate him because he told his lads “Don’t care about what I do, go out and do your thing, and do it damn well”.

I hate you, Sourav “Dada” Ganguly, coz you showed the fiery spark a few days back blasting your players, but didn’t realize that you were very much a talentless, flukish man yourself. I hate you for the fact that you expect a bunch of talent-challenged people to win you a trophy. I hate you for not realizing you are not a God who can work wonders, just a fallible and grizzled warrior who stubbornly stands up punch after punch, jab after jab.

Do something “different” or just roll over and die. Apparently you haven’t done enough, Prince of Kolkata

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