Monday, 21 March 2011

Google asks Facebook,"If you are smart work it out"

As of today, Facebook developers aren’t allowed to monetize their apps with ads from Google AdWords. And that news has many developers upset with some talking about abandoning Facebook altogether.
The problem seems to be about Google’s decision — conscious or otherwise — to not accept Facebook’s advertiser agreement, which includes a variety of rules about how advertisers can operate on Facebook’s platform. Advertisers had until Monday (February 28th) to accept Facebook’s terms. Those who did are listed on Facebook’s developer site, but Google is missing among the dozens of advertisers.
Facebook gave a statement to the All Facebook that downplays Google’s absence:
This is the current list of ad providers that have signed our terms that govern ad quality and data use, although more are being added every day. We currently have more than sixty of the largest and smallest providers on the list. This is a public and open agreement and new providers can sign at any time.
All Facebook says it’s unclear if any developers that continue to use AdWords will be banned. The blog post points to a couple forum threads (this one and this one) where developers are discussing alternatives that include abandoning Facebook altogether.

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