Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ant's secret city,See the power of ANT!!!

I was reading the Internet (like usual) when a fire ant crawled across my keyboard. Fire ants never crawl across my keyboard. And then, no joke, moments later, I spotted this post on the right rail of The Atlantic Web site — about how some people poured cement into an ant colony to find out what the ant “city-state” really looks like. In the video below, you’ll see that they pour the cement, it hardens, and then, over a period of weeks, they shovel all the dirt out of the ground around the hardened cement to reveal the “the secret megalopolis of the ants” (which is such a lovely thing to call an ant colony).
Anyways, the ant megalopolis is — in comparison to the size of the ants — enormous and freakishly well-designed. Watch this clip, or see a better quality version of “Ants: Nature’s Secret Power” on HULU

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